The first Japanese brand USUPSO store in Ukraine, as well as the overwhelming number of Japanese brands has won consumer confidence in the quality of products and its variety.

The USUPSO brand was born in Tokyo. The rapid development of Japanese fashion had a key impact on raw materials used in the production of the company. The brand philosophy is based on three criteria: simplicity, quality and naturalness. The main task of the brand is to provide its customers with a high-quality product at an affordable price and that is why it is the world leader in the correct consumption of goods.

The main goal for USUPSO is to satisfy consumers who aspire to improve the quality of life, while rationally spending money for this purpose. People know the value of things and approach the choice of goods more consciously ..

Variability and the possibility to save are on the first place in attracting young and already formed personalities Products USUPSO accompanies hundreds of thousands of consumers, allowing you to equip your life.

For right now, USUPSO is not only track all the fashion trends, but also has a huge impact on them. The USUPSO network of stores has grown to 800 outlets worldwide for 3 years, strictly following the brand philosophy.

The advantages of buying USUPSO products

A fundamentally new level of retail trade.

Formation of a completely new retail network, combining all the modern resources for the distribution of products (online – offline – material and technical base, openness to customers, etc.).

Focus on the customer.

USUPSO acts in accordance with technical progress, leaving behind electronic commerce.

There is the globalization. USUPSO buyers have the opportunity to purchase quality and affordable products for daily use almost everywhere in the world.

There is a new level of quality. Due to its own production, USUPSO can control the cost of marketable products at all stages of its production, which ultimately affects the level of retail prices.

There is an efficiency. By tracking all market trends, USUPSO optimizes its production, which allows to update often all products and to fill in all niches of the market (cosmetics, household items and stuff).

The main product categories that are available in USUPSO

– decorative cosmetics

– toys

– household products

– Gadgets

– Textiles