Welcome to the world of “Luxoptics”!

Luxoptics is the largest Ukrainian national optics network, where you can get not only professional advice from an ophthalmologist, but also help in selecting and purchasing modern, fashionable and comfortable optical frames, sunglasses and contact lenses. The motto: “Luxoptics” – protects vision is fully reflects the mission of the company, which is to serve our clients wholly, providing a full range of services for the preservation and restoration of eye health.

“Luxoptics” is:

  • professional services of the best ophthalmologists;
  • huge product and price variety of optical frames and sunglasses;
  • a wide range of soft contact lenses from the world’s leading manufacturers;
  • a wide range of accessories and tools for the care of lenses;
  • comfortable atmosphere and friendly attitude to customers;
  • professional standards of customer service;
  • quality guarantee for all products and services;
  • unified marketing and advertising policy;
  • loyalty programs for regular customers: a discount program and the program “Birthday”.

Safe optics, professional advice

Everyone who has ever visited the optics of “Luxoptics”, notes the high professionalism and responsiveness of our employees. After all, shopping should be enjoyable and useful. That is why all products in our network meet the world quality standards. By purchasing an optical frame or contact lenses, you can be sure that you are buying an original, safe and quality product.

There is professional help from an ophthalmologist, consulting about healthy vision and the right choice of optical products, help in selecting convenient and fashionable frames, fulfilling individual orders for making lenses.

“Luxoptics” is not only the leading guide to the world of high-quality and safe optics, but also one of the trendsetters in the field of fashion trends in the market of frames and sunglasses. In any of our stores you can pick up the most relevant, original and fashionable frames of the best manufacturers in Europe and the world. Allow yourself the luxury to be unique with glasses from “Luxoptics”.

Working hours: from 10:00 to 21:00