In pharmacy network FARMACIA you can always:

  1. Get a professional consultation of a pharmacist in any issue – all pharmacists undergo a unique training system “Expert-Pharmacist”.
  2. Find everything you need – there is the widest range of products and the program “Always available” is active:
  • booking for drugs by phone (048) 796 52 91;
  • delivery  the order of the necessary drug within 24 hours to the pharmacy;
  1. Be confident in 100% safety of medicines, as the family pharmacies FARMACIA operates a 3-level quality control products:
  • only certified drugs;
  • control over the shelf life of products;
  • observance of all conditions of storage and transportation of preparations.

We want to be more accessible and convenient for you, therefore we constantly improve the experience of experts in pharmaceutical business for more than 80 years. The history of the modern pharmacy network FARMACIA began with the creation of the city pharmacy management of the utility Pharmacy in 1925