Everything is for home warmth and comfort in one store

Interior in many ways determines how cozy and harmonious the house is. Stylish curtains and cute rugs, starched tablecloths and beautiful bedspreads those are not only the details that create a mood, but also instill confidence that your home is the best and most native place in the world. Details create a feeling of comfort and happiness and that is the philosophy of English Home, it is the brand that is purposed to make the house more beautiful and soulful.

Garden roses, pastel colors, neat ruffles those are the design elements of classic English interiors that have become a source of inspiration for the formation of the style of English Home. The brand name eloquently testifies that restraint and aristocratism are its key values.

In the collections of English Home textile and interior accessories are presented for every corner of the house. There are complete sets of bed linen, bedspreads and clothes for sleeping in a Victorian style for the bedrooms. There are  tablecloths, serving napkins and textile accessories, necessary to cook with joy and pleasure for the kitchen. There are soft mats, terry towels and body-friendly gowns – everything you need in the bathroom. The family room will be decorated with elegant curtains and carpets. Lovely accessories and bed linens will help to equip children’s dreams for a child of any age. In addition to the main lines, the English Home range offers a variety of pleasant trinkets and trifles, which will make the interior soulful, pleasant and most native for all members of the family.

Home textile collections use only natural cotton and accessories that are made of safe plastic, polymers and high-tech materials.

Returning to your home is always more pleasant, if it is from English Home!

English Home is the leading manufacturer of home textiles and accessories for the interior. The company uses the most advanced technologies and natural high-quality materials that do not harm the environment and human health. A wide range of English Home products combines quality and style and is presented in the shops of Turkey, Bulgaria, Albania, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Cyprus, Russia and Ukraine.