GLORIA JEAN’S COFFEES was founded in the USA in 1979, when Ed and Gloria Jean Kvetko purchased a small gift shop in a small town called Long Grove, which is located on the north of Chicago, Illinois.

In addition to gifts, Ed and Gloria began to sell their highest quality beans-coffee  to their visitors, so they could enjoy it during shopping.

In 2005, just 9 years after the opening of the first coffee house GLORIA JEAN`S COFFEES in Australia, Nabi and Peter purchased from GLORIA JEAN’S COFFEES U.S.A. the right of franchising, and the right to represent this trademark throughout the world. Since then, GLORIA JEAN’S COFFEES is a 100% Australian network of coffee houses, represented in many countries around the world. Since 2005, this trademark has been constantly developing and growing. Today, GLORIA JEAN’S COFFEES has more than 420 stores in Australia and another 300 in 30 countries.

Coffee house “Gloria Jean’s Coffees” is finally in Odessa! Pleasant, comfortable atmosphere, friendly staff that always happy to see you! To get a cup of fragrant coffee, you need only to wait for  two minutes, so people of Gloria Jean’s Coffees called that place “coffee fast food.” The secret of Gloria Jean’s Coffees is the use of a proprietary mixture of grains, the proportions of which are kept in strict confidence.

We are always glad to see you with us as guests!