The cinema is equipped in accordance to the modern technologies, which allows you to enjoy films that were made by using the most modern special effects. The whole palette of enre is available here with the effect of full presence in what is happening.

Thanks to special 8D-technologies you can fully approach reality, hear Hi-Fi sounds, not just see, but also feel gusts of wind, snow, rain, fog, smoke, soap bubbles and tails of mice.

The 8D cinema technology has moved even further! In the race for quality and customer satisfaction, there have been qualitative changes even to this new technology. In place of conventional flat screens came ultramodern cylindrical screens. Moreover – the next step in the modernization of the 8D technology is the moving floor of the cinema or the mobile chairs of the audience.

In the new 8D cinema screens are larger, the image has extremely high-quality. Movable armchairs, swivel platforms – all this is already used to give even greater attractiveness and achieve even greater realism of sensations.

The ticket price is 50 UAH.