This is the only rolling kart of this level in the south of Ukraine. There is no coincidence about the place of its location, because Odessa was the pioneer of karting in the Soviet Union and in independent Ukraine. In this city due to this day people still respect and appreciate the karting traditions and are proud of famous Odessa drivers. The school of pilots is revived and, of course, all this is done with humor.

You can relax in a cozy café between the race, overlook the route, sip coffee or cool drinks.

For regular customers the club plans to hold amateur tournaments and various events, as well we will  be happy to organize corporate and private events and presentations.

The work of the children’s school has been planned, which will allow to get the first driving skills, as well as instill in the child a sense of responsibility and independence.

About Maps

The fleet consists of SodiKart (France) carts with a capacity of 9 hp. (the volume of the engine is 270 cm3). At the moment about 70% of the karts in Europe use Sodi karts that combine excellent quality, manageability and security. We arehappy to offer European quality to you.

About Route

The Length is 500 m, width is up to 6 m, asphalt covering. A long straight start-finish, a few shikans and various turns will allow you to get the most adrenaline and enjoyment from piloting cars, as well as feel an extreme drive! The track is equipped with the timekeeping system AMV, the checkpoint management station and the information board in the waiting area.

About Cafe

The summer cafe, that is located directly along the road, will allow you to rest between check-in, to spend comfortable time watching the arrivals and, in case of queue, to pass the time, sipping cold drinks.

Waiting for you!

Working hours: Monday – Thursday: 13:00 to 22:00 Friday – Sunday: 11:00 to 23:00 In bad or cold  weather call, specify the work of the club